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Are you looking to expand your social media marketing, or maybe just want to better understand it? Let me help you build and maintain a solid presence in social media. This includes in-depth social media analysis and advice based on your particular needs.


To strengthen your social media presence, you can also take advantage of my channel management and content creation services.

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Understanding the ever changing algorithms that dictate social media is a full time job, and not something most folks want to spend their time doing. Why not outsource that to me, so I can help you better understand what your insight data means, how to better target your audience, and how to grow your brand on social media. 

A big part of my approach is about helping make this rather bit task, a little bit easier to handle for you, so that it feels less daunting and less time consuming.


I follow a seven step process when creating a social media marketing strategy.

  1. Defining your objectives - As a first step, we define your KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) to set clear goals for your social media marketing strategy and how to define 'success'

  2. Defining your target audience - The next step is to define the demographic data of your target group

  3. Analyzing your competition/inspiration - To better understand your vision, I analyze the online presence of your competitors, or those that have inspired you

  4. Choosing the best platforms - Go where your audience is, and go where you 'want to be'. I provide an analysis on which platforms are the right ones for you.

  5. Creating Content - I recommend the best formats for your particular goal, and if need be, create content to fit that need. 

  6. Success monitoring - In order to see the outcomes, I observe and report on the effects of the various strategies in an easy to read report that highlights your data.

  7. Next Steps - As a last step I will discuss the next steps to be taken for the success of your channels.



Content is created mainly for the following platforms, however, others are included that are not listed.







If this is something you are interested in, or would like to discuss options, click below.

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