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Content Creation

From graphics perfectly optimized for every social media platform, to video, podcast recordings, text based messages, emails templates and more. If you need it for just one event, or for a continued social media marketing strategy, I am here.


Content is anything from text based messages to graphics, video, and audio. Each piece has a different purpose, targets a different audience, and engages in different ways. If you would like help with creating content for your event or brand, please reach out and we can create something cohesive for you.

Why You Need Tailored Content

Content is so much more than just an 'ad' in a magazine. It is what starts the conversation with your customers or consumers. Unlike magazines or print media, social media content is tied directly to means of communicating back with you as the brand or event. Good content grabs a persons attention and makes them WANT to talk to you. The more of that conversation you have, the better conversion rate you have! 

Just like with everything else, as consumers we can usually tell when we are being fed a canned ad; something without heart or intention. This is not how you want to start the conversation with a consumer, you want them to feel inspired to act, to ask, to comment. So let's create some content that feels like it is from the heart and written by a real person.

wfgkc start.PNG


Below are a few public examples of clients I have worked with


South Padre Island Kite Festival

Live Video Feed and After Event video coverage of the Indoor Kite Performance

Video Playlist


World Record Attempt

Coverage of 2 World Record Attempts for Guinness World Records Submissions

101 Quad Line Mega Fly

Stack Mega Fly

Level One Kites USA

Content creation and management for a boutique High End Sport Kite manufacturer.

LEVEL ONE instagram.png

The Roller Barn

Content creation, live video coverage of events, and Social Media Consultation

sae (3).png

Microsoft Employees Family Day

Created a series of short videos, digital brochures, and virtual activities for a 'Family Celebration Day' in collaboration with the World Kite Museum

Example of video

If this is something you are interested in, or would like to discuss options, click below.

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