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Sport Kite Camp

Really excited to announce the first edition of the Fortuna Found Sport Kite Camp. A dual line focused adult summer camp style get away.

Free camping, free dinners, and a gathering of minds of dual line specific sport kite folks. If you want to know more check out the page link here:

So the question is why host a Sport Kite Camp that is dual line specific only? Well, a few reasons.

1. The biggest is that there simply isn't an event like this available (at least in North America). I love going to big events and festivals where I get to hang out with EVERYONE, but I also really like going to small tailored events that have a specific focus. It gives me a chance to really geek out over this one specific niche thing, with a bunch of other people that love that one specific niche thing.

2. Chance to learn, without it being 'learning'. Clinics are awesome, and I could argue that there are not enough dual line clinics out there, but, I really love the chance to just hang out and learn from others while we are doing are thing. It is free form play at it's finest.

3. Campfires and shared meals are something that everyone can relate to. Add that as the cap off for an activity (like flying all day) and it makes the day that much more awesome. Seriously, think about it. A big bonfire, food and drinks all around, lots of laughter, stories being told, sharing some love and passion with others. Someone starts a game of 'Chubby bunny' and stuffs their face with too many marshmallows, another brings out a guitar. Doesn't that sound like a great time? We thought so too.

4. Dual line fliers have a ton of energy. They need to in order to do the thing that they do. What happens if you get a bunch of them together in one place... well.. it would be electric! MASSIVE POWER!!! So, we felt we would air on the side of caution and find a perfectly secluded beach and a private campground and let that energy gather in one spot and shield the public from the massive power. LOL. Ok, just kidding. Or am I.

5. Why Not. That is a good reason right?

Alright, all joking aside we are going to release more details about this event in the weeks to come. Along with some cool opportunities to win kites and swag. It is worth noting that this event is open for all levels of Dual Line Fliers. Whether you are are a nationally ranked master class flier, or you just purchased your first dual line on the drive up to sport kite camp, this is the place for you. Come join us!


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