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December 21st, 2020 Kite Newsletter

Thank you to those that have reached out with stories to share about your kite life in 2020. Keep them coming!!! I am looking forward to sharing this 'Year in Review' with all of you.

Shoot me an email with your favorite story or memory. It doesn't have to be a big, it doesn't have to be small, it just has to mean something to you.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or general feedback let me know at


Take the time now to make a kite 'repair kit', so you are ready to go when the weather is great! What's in my repair kit? 1. Small bit of repair tape 2. Superglue 3. a few stopper clips and fittings

My repair kit fits in a small mint tin, so it is easy to tuck into my kite bag.


Announcing a new project set to launch on January 1st, 2021. Please help me in welcoming

The first part of the website is live now, so go check it out to see some of what you will be able to find. There are a lot more pieces and parts that will make up this resource as it grows, and I would love to have your input!

The ever popular Windless Indoor Kite Festival is taking things BACK TO ZERO!!! With a virtual 'zero wind' kite festival for 2021. EVERYONE is encouraged to take part in this event. Whether you have experience flying indoors or in a zero wind environment or not. Check it out!

Be part in the first ever virtual Windless Kite Festival and let's make this also the first ever GLOBAL version as well!! This will be a special event with not only group activities, chats, and a few of the other things that make this event so special in person, but there will also be a 'film festival' style approach to the videos featuring you. Yes you, you are the stars of the show!!

Make sure to share this with your friends and start brainstorming how you are going to take your kite flying Back to Zero!!

Don't forget to like the following pages so you can stay up to date on the event:

photo courtesy of NASA

“This is one of Webb’s biggest accomplishments in 2020,” said Alphonso Stewart, Webb deployment systems lead for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. “We were able to precisely synchronize the unfolding motion in a very slow and controlled fashion and maintain its critical kite-like shape, signifying it is ready to perform these actions in space.”

Read more:

Well, it is not that we suggest using kites for the following, but have to hand it to folks, this is thinking outside of the box.

"Unidentified persons have used a novel method to sneak prohibited material inside the high-security Amritsar Central Jail with the help of a kite for the second time in the last one month. This time jail authorities confiscated five packets of cigarettes and one packet of tobacco that was fixed with the kite with some adhesive tape on Thursday."

photo courtesy of AsiaNet The Second China (Weifang) International Kite Industry Culture & Trade Expo comes to a successful conclusion

The Comprehensive Service Center of the Weifang International Kite Festival explained that the aim of the festival, with the theme "Sharing, Win-win, Innovation, Improvement", was to facilitate the development of the kite industry, perpetuate kite culture, and promote the sport of kite flying. It also sought to form a standard and efficient kite trading market, as well as to devise a centralized display and trading platform for kite manufacturers and distributors. Read more:


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