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6 Kite Things to Try in 2021

New years resolutions are just about fixing things, or 'resolving' things, they are also about trying new things! So here are a few things I think folks should try this year. (all can be done even with social distancing and lockdowns still in place!

1. Build a Kite for the First Time

No surprise that this one made the top of my list. Last year I started releasing a bunch of tutorials on the Fortuna Found Youtube page. Why not try your hand right now at building your first kite! Imagine if all of us did that right now, come summer, the skies would be filled with tons of color and beautiful creations. :)

2. Send a Kite to a Friend with a Message

I love this video, it really says it all while we sit here still trying to figure out how to connect with our friends, and our neighbors. Why not say something to them with a kite?!

3. Do a Guerilla Kite Art Installation

Why not make a bunch of kites and leave them tucked around for folks to fly like this artist did in Oxford. :)

4. Night Flying

These long winter nights are the perfect set up to get out and try your hand at night flying, or, like Tony did, why not try your hand at night flying and long exposure photography.

5. Set a New Record

Be like Bill Brosius. Bill is awesome, Bill is not letting the pandemic hinder his plans to try and set a new world record. In the time since this was filmed to now he has added more to each stack..... can't wait to see what Bill does in the coming months.

6. Make a Kite Video

One glance at youtube and you will find hundreds of videos of fighter kites from India and Brazil, but very... very... VERY few videos of sport kites, inflatables, gliders, etc.... Where are they? Let's get the message out there that there is a lot of different kinds of kite flying, and it is all amazing!


What else do you think folks should try this year? Let me know in the comments below. :)


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