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Going to Windless Kite Festival

Guess what! We are on our way to the Windless kite Festival in Long Beach, Washington this weekend; one of, if not THE, longest running indoor only kite festival.

Here is a video from last year. We had a chance to talk with event organizer Amy Doran about the event and about a special type of competition called the Pro-Am. The Pro-Am is a way to get new fliers involved, to have the best of the best teach new people the joys of kite flying and take them right into their first competition.

We are really looking forward to the chance to reconnect with some friends and 'family'. To share in this passion of ours, and to perhaps explore some old 'haunts' with new eyes. Who knows.... there might be sneak peeks of something new filling the skies over America in a few months. :)

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