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Single line - Parks

This is part of a larger project. Visiting the various state parks in Washington state, then rating them using a 'kite rating' system. Not all parks permit kite flying as an activity, nor is this an endorsement that a person is able to fly a kite at the noted location. 

Parks that have been rated as 'Single Line Kite' parks by Fortuna Found are considered to be "Easy day, fun enjoyable. The kind of place you want to take a picnic to, sit down and relax and enjoy the views." 


Single line kite flying is as much about enjoying the surrounding and soaking in the environment as it is about doing the actual kite flying. Some parks in the Washington State Park system are just like that, and thus, we are giving them that rating. Head on over and enjoy these parks. 

For more about the Fortuna Found Washington State Park Tour go here:

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