Kite Flying in a Winter Wonderland

I honestly believe in the idea that kite flying can happen anywhere at anytime, and that means that I try to have a kite with me everywhere I go. Including, snowshoeing up on a mountain ridge in 18 inches of fresh snow. It does make for some interesting kite flying because I couldn't easily move around in the snow. Nothing fancy with this kite flying, just a moment in the mountains I wanted to share with all of you. This whole journey of flying kites everywhere and anywhere is really helping me to live by the Fortuna Motto: Connect, Discover, Explore. Exploring the new places to fly, like on a side of the mountain, is helping me discover a new part of who I am and connecting with the natural world around me. Try it some time..... you might find something resonates with you.

Pilot: Nic O'Neill Kite: The iFlite available at Into the Wind:

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here are a few more photos from the trip.


Washington, USA

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