List Five: Ten Things to Carry in My Kite Bag (Backpack)

We are going to skip over the obvious ones here like kites, lines, winders, spars etc.... This is a list of the OTHER things that I carry with me in my backpack or kite bag when heading out to fly.

1. Small Indoor Kite and Mini Winder - My go to is the iFlite kite. It packs away into a small tube that easily slides into the recess of the backpack. Never know when you have time to kill and need a distraction. What if the wind drops to nothing, or you are sitting somewhere inside waiting to go out and fly? Break out this little kite, and have some fun! (Check out OceanShores Kites for a wide selection of iFlites, including some beautifully hand painted ones by Andy Sias.) I have a small winder that fits inside the iFlite tube that usually stays with the kite. But always pack an extra palm size winder with 50 pound line on it. Never know when you need a bit of line.

2. Water Bottle & a Snack - The eco-friendly side of me loves my metal water bottle. I carry it around with me everywhere. I happen to have one of those backpacks that has a built in bladder, which I usually fill with water. But what about the days you want to have some tea, coffee, or other beverage? In comes the water bottle. Over the past few years I have actually taken it as a personal mission to walk out on to the kite field at festivals and events with extra bottles of water and snacks for the kite fliers. It is so easy to get 'wrapped up' flying kites that we forget to hydrate and eat!

3. Lip Balm, Sunscreen, Bug Spray - I included all three of these together... because they are the 3 that usually end up being forgotten the most. They are also the things that you wish you had after you found out you needed them.

4. Buff/Handkerchief - I used to wear one of these all the time when I went skiing to fight the windburn on cold days, and it does the same job on a windy warm day on the beach! Added benefit, it usually helps keep sunburns down.

5. Camera - Pretty self explanatory.

6. Headphones and Music - There is something to tuning out the world, and just flying your kite.

7. Lighter, and small pieces of repair tape - Never know when you will need to do a repair, or cut a new line set.

8. Notebook and Pen - Take notes in it, jot observations, write down numbers, doodle. This is another one of those things that you didn't know you needed it, till after you happened to need it.

9. Stickers - I have a pack of stickers that has information for where people can go to learn more about either myself, or kites. I used to carry business cards, but.... find that they are not as useful as a sticker. Plus, no kid wants a business card. :)

10. Wet Wipes or Washcloth - There is something wonderful about the smell of sunkissed skin, the whiff of a breeze in someones hair. There is also something very refreshing about a quick wipe down after a long day flying kites. Especially if you need to be in public.

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