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You can submit a project you are working on, one you are thinking about, or one you have completed. 

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Here is where you talk about the process, about what you did, maybe how you did it.  It is up to you on how detailed you want to make this portion. Refer back to the guidelines about using the 'Playground'. The only expectations here are that you share your ideas and support others. You do not have to share detailed directions or blueprints, that choice is yours. 

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What is something that stood out, was an epiphany, or changed your way of thinking during this project?

Biggest Hmmmm Moment:

What is something that made you stop and think. Something that you perhaps now know was a mistake.  Remember, mistakes are a good thing, they help us learn, they help us do greater things. So this isn't a negative thing. This is just a 'hey I tried this, but that didn't work out like I expected' kind of thing.

Tools Used

What tools, applications, software did you use?  Include ways you communicated and coordinated. i.e. Facebook Messenger, Youtube Live Feed, Trello Project Planning, 3d Printer, Slicer, Sketch Up, a plotter/cutter, etc... anything and everything you think might be relevant as a tool.

Ideas for Next Generation?

Do you have any ideas on what you might change for the next generation of this project, either for you or someone else? This can be grand ideas or small tweaks.

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please read... this is important!!!

When you have finished filling out this form, take a second to review it and make sure everything is in order.   Once you submit the project it will go into a temporary holding space and one of the moderators will have a quick glance over it before publishing it. It may take up to a week for it to display in the project listing. If you would like to make any changes to a submitted project, let us know!!

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