Create some sort of kite or wind art using scrap material created by cutting out kites from a template.


The pieces are uniform and consistent. By placing two of them mirrored and at an angle that reflects a butterfly, it creates an interesting piece of wind art.



start date


aha moment!


Lindsey Johnson, Nic O'Neill

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Hmmm moment....

... Sewing the tails and hand cutting the organza was not easy at first. using a heavier template helped. Still find tears at the 'spring' attachment point... needs work

tools or applications used

pen and paper, Facebook messenger, 3d Printer, Sewing Machines

Painted versions, potentially mechanical movement in the center piece?

project video

OOPS!!! We still need to fill this out!

Finished Falena in India
Finished Falena
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ideas for next generation?

Project website?


Washington, USA

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