What is the WFGKC?  It is the We Fly Global Kite Challenge!!!  Find out more here

Here is a list of ideas to try and do for the WFGKC. Try one, or try many! If you have an idea you would like to submit to the list for others to try, shoot us a message!!

  • Fly a kite for 24 hours

  • Build a kite from start to finish

  • Fly as many kites as possible

  • What makes a kite a kite? Tether something, and see if you can make it fly

  • Write a poem, haiku or song about kites

  • Shoot a documentary with kites as the theme

  • Combine your hobbies... Kites and skating? Kites and knitting, Kites and fishing?

  • Organize a kite festival or pop up event for your town

  • Teach someone how to fly a kite

  • Gift a kite to someone

  • Gift a bunch of kites to a bunch of people

  • Visit a kite store

  • Fly somewhere that people wouldn't expect to see a kite

  • Recreate a famous painting, and add a kite in the background. 

  • Change someones life through flight

  • design an outfit using only kite materials

  • Propose to a loved one with a message aloft

  • Good locations... are those that someone looks after. Show us a bag of garbage that you picked up while heading to your favorite kite spot.

  • Guerilla kite performance.... or is that Gorilla.... you decide.

  • Re-enact a major battle using fighter kites. 

  • Set a new world record

  • Have a competition

  • Create an art show at a local gallery with kites as the main subject

  • You have heard of paint and sip... how about... paint, sip, and fly!

  • Write a letter to a mentor or loved one on a kite and send it to them

  • Write a blog entry about your favorite things

  • Attend a school assembly and show off 

  • Make a miniature kite ... the smaller the better

  • Learn how to split bamboo for traditional kite making

  • Be like the Blue Angels - Find friends and show off your team flying skills

  • Break a kite..... then build a new one from the broken parts. 

  • Print out a sign that says 'I am fishing for aliens', place sign at your favorite flying spot.... go fishing.

  • Fly a kite from a kite... 

  • Fly a kite from the back of a boat/car/train/scooter/bike.... plane?

  • Using only you and your kites... tell a love story. 

  • Kite flying isn't just for humans.... have you ever seen a dinosaur fly?

  • Pick a fight.... a kite fight!

Participating in the #WFGKC doesn't mean you HAVE TO FLY A KITE. Just do something Kite related. Our friends over at World's Greatest Kiting were part of an art gallery show back in 2016. A gallery show dedicated to kite art, and kites AS art. Why not set something like this up in your town? We would love to help!!!!! We can get you help, support, resources.. anything you need... Let's make it happen!!

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