WFGKC - Mini Tote Bag

WFGKC - Mini Tote Bag

This is the bag you need as a kite flier.... the bag you didn't know you needed, but I am here to tell you that you do. This bag was designed with the idea that kite fliers are heading to the beach with their wallet, keys, maybe a snack (if they remembered), their phone, and maybe some other miscellaneous things. Then they get to the beach, open up the kite bag, get so excited to fly their kites and just toss all of those things in the kite bag.  By the end of the day they find themselves digging deep in the kite bag for their keys, unsticking the melted snack from the ripstop (if they remembered to grab it and not leave it for next time :) ) and searching for their phone.   Okay... when I say 'they' I really mean me. I have been known to do this, or to try and carry stuff in my pockets which is a headache when flying on the beach. So here is this fancy 'mini tote bag'. It isn't a purse.... it isn't a wallet... it is something so much sexier than that. 


It has one main zippered pocket that can hold a book, snack, and other small items. On the front are two pockets, one a zippered mesh panel (I use this one for my keys or ID) and another zippered pocket that has dividers in it for cash, chapstick, coins, pins, random fiddly bits. 


Right now I am using one of these as a repair kit bag and have it stocked with glue, end caps, tape, insignia tape, a utility knife, lighter, and a sharpie. Another bag is being used to hold my valuables when on the field.   So grab one today. 


    Washington, USA

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